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A pixel hardcore cross platform game with a true spirit of classic fantasy MMORPGs.

Become the new legend of the fierce millennial War for the Spear:
choose your alliance, create a warrior and level up, join a guild or create your own, fight enemies in almost unlimited open PvP, massive battles, arena or dungeons, craft items and trade on the open market.

Enjoy a legendary story, jolly holidays and quests that uncover all the mysteries of the huge open world!
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An exciting fantasy MMORPG on mobiles with spectacular isometric graphics and vivid open world full of magic, adventure and cozy atmosphere.

Every brave hero and curious explorer here choose his own path to reveal the entire might via unique leveling up system, team up with friends and is being seasoned by utmost trials.

PvP, PvE and PvPvE real-time fights against monsters and rivals in modes and open world, guild raids to defeat powerful bosses, intriguing quests discovering an authentic story and many more are waiting for you in Skylore!
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